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Soul Trauma Healing is based on channeled messages from your healing Spirit Guides and Healers of the Light. The philosophy is rooted in the knowledge that traumas occuring in past lives create negative energy and that soul pieces leave the body during stress or pain, emotional, physical or spiritual.

Those soul traumas are carried forward with the soul's DNA and create challenges, physical, mental an emotional in current body. By removing the negative buildup of energy and calling back the soul pieces, to reintegrate missing soul fragments into the body, healing occurs.

The process does not involve hypnosis. Contact is made with the client's guides. I channel the visions of what occurred in the past life and how those events relate to challenges in current life.

Private session fee is $150 per hour and client's are encouraged to come with a specific intention for healing.
Call Elissa at 941-706-3583 to schedule a session.

  • locating & releasing childhood traumas
  • restoring soul energy lost during trauma
  • reading Akashic records
  • connecting with future lives (remote viewing) to receive help in current life challenges.

    The process does not require hypnosis. The client and I interact as I channel the visions of what occurred in the past life and am told by the healing spirits how those events relate to challenges in current life. Negative energy is removed and soul pieces are returned to the body. It is through these Spirit Guides or Guardian Angels, that the full power of the Universe becomes open to us, and therefore, our clients.

    Guides know exactly who and what we are; they know where we are on our path and where our souls wish us to be. Soul Trauma Healing includes channeling assistance from Divine healing energy, Spirit Guides and healing angels.


    I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am for having the opportunity to work with you. That was such an incredible and enlightening experience for me and I feel truly blessed! You are an amazing healer and shaman. Words cannot express the extent to which you brought clarity as well as peace to my being … Thank you again and again and again!! I’ve been telling everyone .
    A.N. Sarasota, Florida