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Past Life Regression, is based on the work of Dr. Brian Weiss. Clients are hypnotized and directed to a past life in which karmic lessons were learned or actions created Karma. Clients discover what the life script was in the past life they viewed. The next part of the session involves bringing the subject to the highest state of consciousness to meet their Master Guide, an entity that has watched over the subject's soul since that soul was first created.

Deep Memory Process, developed by Roger Woolger, Ph.D a ground breaking therapist who created a highly effective therapy of the soul which combines active imagination, psychodrama with shamanic/spirit journeying and integration between lifetimes derived from the Tibetan Book of the Dead. When first introduced in 2002, DMP broke regression therapy out of the more narrow confines of hypnotherapy and talk therapy. DMP has now been recognized as a major contribution to transpersonal psycotherapy and has been successfully used world-wide. While a compelling tool for healing not just a single issue, but complex themes, DMP is intense emotional work for those who want to travel to the frontier of their soul's history.


Will a Past Life Regression or Deep Memory Process Help Today?
Often, the results are immediate and direct. Experiencing a Past Life often breaks cycles of unproductive habits, relieves long-standing feelings of anxiety and eliminates phobias and unexplained symptoms of pain. Brian Weiss explains in "Many Lives Many Masters."


What If I Don't Experience Anything?
Most clients experience a Past Life the very first time. Some require more than one session.
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Consciousness is encoded from lifetime to life time. Release and rescript the past to alter your present reality.

Soul Trauma

This is a topic of lively debate. Some people awake thinking "did that really happen or did I make it up?" Whether you believe your mind created a scenario that best suited the issues of the moment, or you really recalled a past life, doesn't matter. What matters is that your sub-conscious allowed you to discover what you needed to know now  regarding emotional or physical problems.

Elissa is a wonderful, caring and well trained Past Life Regression Therapist. She gently guided me to explore my past life, and helped me to see what kind of life purposes/tasks I have been working on through my many incarnations. With help from Elissa, I can now see and feel eternal love and peace within all life forms. I will recommend Elissa to everybody. Namaste. Sami, Northport, Florida